Monday, May 2, 2011


The doctor of Nathaniel's orphanage was reached last week, and in 'true' fashion/attitude toward orphans with medical needs in this area of the world, the comments were very discouraging. "Have you seen the child? He's beyond saving." "Surgery is not worth it, it won't do anything for him," "He's going to die anyway." Maddening, because surgery WILL help Nathaniel, SO, SO much, and those comments really stem from ignorance.
However, - and here is the good news - yesterday I received a message from the director of the non-profit, who told me that the orphanage director is willing to take Nathaniel to see a surgeon this week!
PLEASE PRAY that the surgeon will value Nathaniel as a HUMAN BEING, as a child who is worthy of surgery and LIFE. Please pray the surgeon will consent to performing the surgery.
The orphanage doctor will supposedly call with the outcome of the visit this Wednesday or Thursday. I have no idea if that will actually happen, so please pray he will keep his word. I was also told that though it seems like a long wait to 'us', it's actually quite 'fast' for (Nathaniel's country's) terms to be able to get him to see the surgeon this week, etc.

A word about the fundraiser currently posted: Those funds will likely not be able to be used for his surgery, however, they will go toward his adoption grant - which is great, because one of the other things he needs most is a forever family! How ironic and sad would it be to get this one surgery, but then he'll have to wait for a family for years... or in vain. As soon as I have more info on the surgery (if, when, where, cost), I will post a new fundraiser.

Thanks for all you do for this precious one!


  1. I am not paper ready nor am I even close to being in a position to adopt this precious baby. But if there is anything else I can do to help please let me know. I have helped financially and I pray for him daily. I also live very close to Children's Hosp. of Philadelphia. When his family is found if they need assistance here in the US, or if there is something I can do on this side of the ocean before hand, please let me know. Until then I will follow for updates and continue to pray. Thank you for caring.

  2. I have seen kids like this in is very sad for the hydro to reach this level untreated...and yes there is little that can be done anywhere to reverse it now :-( The major thing at this point is to prevent unneeded suffering, meaning pain control. If he is pain free it is miracle but the pain from intercranial is awful. (I have two kids with VP shunts) Poor sweet little boy.

  3. Julee, thanks for your comment. This is not just directed to you, but to everyone who's had the same or similar questions. Nathaniel can absolutely be helped, and it will be of great benefit to him. He is still very young - 8 months - so his sutures (think fontanels/soft spots, etc) have not yet closed. By draining the excess fluid from his head (slowly), and implanting a shunt, he has amazing chances of not only survival, but of limiting any damage the fluid/pressure build up. At 8 months old, his brain is still rapidly growing and has great potential of overcoming damage. I highly encourage everyone to google "baby Klaus" and read his story. Warning for graphic pictures. Baby Klaus was born in Texas last year and left untreated. The size of his head (search the image tab on Google) will shock you. He survived the surgery and the doctors were able to reduce the size of his head by at least 12 inches, and that was prior to further draining and insertion of a shunt. The issue with Nathaniel/in N's country is not that surgery is not available, or that surgery will not benefit him, rather it is the (wrong) mindset that he is not worty, and the negativity that it won't benefit him. My daughter (5) hs hydrocephalus as well and has a VP shunt (had a subgaleal shunt for a little while too).

  4. Is there any update on the possibility of treatment for Nathaniel?

  5. Just posted an update - not what any of us wanted to hear - but there is so much hope for him!