Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nathaniel's new blog

If you are interested in following Nathaniel's journey, praying for him and his family, and perhaps financially helping them out (they still need to raise approx. 12,000), please visit: (notice the 'tabs' - see 'updates'!). I am so, so thankful for all your help in finding Nathaniel his forever family, and for your generous donations to his adoption grant!

I am hoping to introduce another sweet little one soon, also in dire need of a family. Please stay tuned :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Give-away winners and Nathaniel's family

The winners of the give-away have all been notified by email :) THANK YOU EVERYONE for making this fundraiser such a great success. Not only did you all raise nearly 6k for Nathaniel, thanks to your sharing, Nathaniel's family actually found him through the Facebook page!

You can follow the Preston's journey to get him here:

And here:

They still need about 12k to be fully funded, so please consider donating to their family sponsorship account (fsp) through Reece's Rainbow.

Thank YOU, and most of all, thanks to our wonderful Lord and Savior!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nathaniel's Family found him!!!

Nathaniel's family found him!!!

More info to come in the next few days, but I want to encourage you to keep praying and donating. Nathaniel's adoption is halfway funded, so his mommy and daddy still need quite a bit in order to be able to get him- in addition to the medical costs they are facing. Please keep them in your prayers, and most of all, pray that Nathaniel will 'hold on'...

Thank you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nathaniel and his prospective family

No, unfortunately Nathaniel has not yet found his forever family, so please keep those prayers coming.

Thanks to a physician who contacted me regarding Nathaniel, I would like to write the following:

Nathaniel needs a family who is experienced with severe medical needs, and because of his urgent need preferrably a family that is homestudy approved to adopt a child who has a high possibility of not surviving. It can take a lot of effort, time and money (good insurance), not to mention it can be emotionally and physically draining as a parent, to take care of a child with hydrocephalus. Nathaniel definitely needs surgery, but how much he could improve, only a specialist here could give him any kind of western level prognosis. Just like no one can say he will be normal, no one can say for sure what his true lifespan will be like until he is here and evaluated here. What we are trying to prevent is further brain damage or medical complications, and giving him a chance of life and to know the love of a family. It would be a leap of faith for any family, particularly considering no family is able to get him sooner than a few months from now, and anything can happen within a few months.

There are several families who have adopted children (through Reece's Rainbow) with severe heart conditions and/or other life-shortening diseases. They knew they were going to bring their child home and either bury them soon, or help them to live a life longer than anyone would have expected because they were able to get quality medical care.

Nathaniel is a precious creation, made in God's image, who deserves surgery to relieve his pain and likely improve his condition, and he deserves to do so in the arms of a mommy or daddy, love he's never known.

PS: While I am not a physician, I have a daughter with hydrocephalus, have researched (as a layman) hydrocephalus for nearly 6 years, have been part of many communities and support groups, and am comparing Nathaniel's case to that of Baby Klaus in Texas just last year, who was in a much worse state than Nathaniel is, yet benefited greatly from surgery. All of the above give me hope for Nathaniel, in addition the fact that Nathaniel is a worthy creation, deserving of surgery and a forever family, regardless of where/what he might be in a year, or 5. He is suffering alone, and does not need to be - nor should he be.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Huge Giveaway for Nathaniel!

Here it is! Look at the amazing line-up of items to give away! Do you want to have a chance to win one of the following prizes? Please read on! And remember this is all for Nathaniel :) All your donations are tax-deductible, secured through PayPal, and go into Nathaniel's adoption grant with Reece's Rainbow. I cannot emphasize this enough... in order for this fundraiser to be succesful, besides your donation, please share about Nathaniel and this give-away with as many people as you can! A special thanks to all who so generously donated items. And to all of you: Thank you so much for helping Nathaniel!


1) Through the Chip-In on the right side of your screen:
$10 donation= 1 entry
$25 donation= 3 entries
$50 donation= 8 entries
$100 donation= 20 entries
$250 donation = 55 entries
$500 donation = 120 entries
$1000 donation= 250 entries

2) By sharing! The more people know about this give-away, the more donations, the bigger Nathaniel's grant! In addition to your donation, you can earn entries in the following ways:
- Follow this blog = 1 entry
- Like the Facebook page = 1 entry
- Suggest the FB page to all your friends = 2 entries
- Post a link to this give-away on your Facebook or Twitter page = 1 entry
- Write a blog about Nathaniel and this give-away = 5 entries
- Send out an email about Nathaniel and this give-away = 3 entries

Once you have done any or all of the above, email me at and send me links (your blog post for example) where possible. Please be honest. This is for Nathaniel!


A brand-new KINDLE with WIFI
Donated by S.S.
A $100 gift card to WALMART
Donated by the M. Family 
A $75 gift card to SEARS/KMART
Donated by A.G.

A $50 gift card to TARGET
Donated by the S. Family
A Thirty-One large utility tote –
you choose design and embroidery
Donated by Polly C. of Thirty One (check website for designs!)


A basket filled with 2 soaps, lip balm, sugar scrub and scented bath salts (all natural ingredients) from Naked Bloom
Donated by Jenn W. of Naked Bloom (check website for product pics and descriptions)


A t-shirt or tank top of your choosing from Etta Grace
Donated by Hannah T. of EttaGrace (check store for designs/examples!)

Pampered Chef Coating Trays & Tool


Toddler Girls shoes - size 5 - from Hissyfits
Donated by Edye D. of Hissyfits


Toddler girls shoes - size 3 - from Hissyfits
Donated by Edye D. of Hissyfits


Handmade tote with crayon holder on the outside 
(brown cord/dots fabric)
Donated by R.S.

Handmade tote with crayon holder on the outside
Donated by R.S.

New crochet baby blanket (30x35)
Donated by A.L.


Oak frame w/ winter landscape pictureDonated by A.L.

The fine print:
1. In order to be entered into the drawing you HAVE TO make your donation through the secure Chip-In on the right side of this blog. Otherwise I will not know how much you donated and for how many chances you qualify. Make sure you provide a correct email address, because you will receive a receipt from Reece's Rainbow for tax purposes.
2. If you are a winner, you have 7 (seven) days to claim your prize, starting on the day winners are announced and you are contacted via email. Make sure you provide an accurate email address when making your donation. Once you receive an email, please acknowledge it by replying and providing your mailing address. If you do not respond within 7 days, you forfeit your price and a new drawing for that item will be held. If you are a winner, you give me permission to pass your address on to the person (which are all friends of mine) who has donated the item you won. They will be shipping the item directly to you.
3. In the unfortunate and highly unlikely event that something should happen to Nathaniel (passing away, becoming unavailable for adoption, etc), all donation money will be put into the adoption grant of a little boy named Presley, also an orphan in the same country as Nathaniel, who was diagnosed with Leukemia and is in dire need for a family, and excellent medical care, as well.
4. The drawing will be held on the evening of May 30th. Since this is all for Nathaniel, I might possibly extend the drawing by a week if donations are slow. However, I am going to believe you all are just as passionate about helping this precious one and will spread the word about his plight with me! We can do this... for Nathaniel!



Surgery denied - ready to raise his full adoption grant?

(Google has not yet restored this missing post, or the draft that contained the list of give-away items. I found the missing post floating on google somewhere else and have reposted it here below. I will have to create the give-away post all over again, and hope to have it up by tonight. I am so sorry for the delay!)

Received some bad news... but nothing that is outside His hands.

Please keep in mind that this supposedly happened, and that the opinions and decisions were made in Nathaniel's country where there is a huge stigma on orphans, people with severe medical needs and disabilities, and where doctors and medical facilities are not as 'capable' as they might be in countries such as the US.

Nathaniel was taken to a neurosurgeon, who determined, supposedly by MRI (not sure, as a CT scan is what would really determine this, not an MRI), that his head is "all water, with very little brain left." They are unwilling, and incapable of performing surgery, because they don't think it will do anything for him and he is a 'lost cause' sort of speak. Though the orphanage director very much wants help for Nathaniel, his hands are tied without approval of the doctors.

In light of that information, I urge you to please take a look at his pictures. Does that child look like a lost cause? Those pictures are less than 2 months old. He holds a bottle, looks around, grasps a toy, and his eyes are open. Logically, of course his head is filled with mostly cerebral spinal fluid (not water) and there is little brain. Not just comparatively, but the excess fluid is not allowing his brain to grow.

However, the brain, especially a child's brain is an amazing thing that can heal itself. Nathaniel has a lot going for him, and that includes his young age. I encourage you to google "Baby Klaus" (warning for graphic pictures) - an infant boy from Texas, who did not receive surgery either until much, much later. The size of his head is beyond anything you will have ever seen - his case... much worse than Nathaniel's. He received surgery and survived. The diagnosis Nathaniel received based on his "MRI", or however they determined this, is not one he would have received in a westernized country. Rather than being denied surgery, he would have received it immediately.

So, with that said, there is one thing left to do... find Nathaniel his family. The main way to do this is by raising his adoption grant and spreading word about his plight across the internet. Children listed on Reece's Rainbow who have received significant grants, have found their families quickly. I am hoping to raise $22,000 - nearly the entire amount needed to adopt Nathaniel - by the end of the month. I realize this is a huge effort, and I cannot do this alone. Please help me by donating, and spreading this blog and Nathaniel's facebook page across the web.

I will be posting a big give-away tonight or tomorrow, I am just waiting on some items to give-away. We already have a Kindle (!), another $75 Sears card, Pampered Chef items, and several other items. Please check back often for an update on that, and most importantly, lift Nathaniel up to his, our Heavenly Father.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger issues

Finally, Blogger is back up! While blogs/pages were viewable, there was no way to post! Unfortunately I just noticed that the post about surgery for Nathaniel being denied was deleted in the process, but I believe Blogger is working on restoring those. I worked for hours on the give-away post (lots of items), and saved a draft. The draft has been deleted as well... sorry for the delay everyone. Praying Blogger will restore both posts!