Saturday, April 16, 2011


Meet Nathaniel! Nathaniel is a little 8 month old boy, who lives in a poor orphanage in Eastern Europe. You probably agree with me that he is too stinkin' cute! Nathaniel, as you might be able to tell by the size of his head, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, the same condition my 5 year old daughter has. In fact, had we taken a picture of her at 8 months old, her head would have likely looked the same, but she was blessed enough to receive surgery as soon as she was diagnosed and now has a nifty device called a shunt draining all the excess fluid from her brain. Had she not had that surgery, she would have gone blind (trying to find out if Nathaniel is), lost her motor skills, and would have ended up in a coma, resulting in death. Orphans in Nathaniel's country aren't as 'lucky', there is no money, no care available to them. Usually noone cares enough, and if someone does, they don't have the power or the recources to get him his much needed surgery. I look at him, holding his little chew toy, almost a little smile on his face and I see SO much potential. He needs a family who is experienced with severe medical needs and who is preferrable homestudy approved to adopt a child who has a high possibility of not surviving. He does deserve a family and he could improve with surgery. Nathaniel needs surgery NOW to prevent further permanent damage to his brain. Nathaniel is listed with the adoption ministry Reece's Rainbow. The director of 'RR' is trying to find out if it is possible to send money now, to get him the surgery asap, or if the only possible way for him to be rescued is by finding his forever family. Time is running out though, and even if he finds his family - which is the ultimate goal - the process to bring him home will likely take about 6 months, while he needs surgery now.

Will you please consider donating to Nathaniel's adoption grant? The sooner he finds his family, the better. The sooner he gets surgery... the better! You can do so securely here: - see the little donation button or by clicking on the donation botton on the right side of this blog. All donations are tax-deductible. My goal is to raise $1000 by Easter... no... scratch that... how about $2000 by April 30th? Please help me save this little boy from death, or from a life as an 'invalid' in an orphanage. From a life of headaches, pressure, and a life lacking the love and care of a family. In light of Easter, please consider, and pray about what the Lord might ask of you, and please remember Nathaniel in your prayers.

Thank you SO much!

PS: some ideas on how to scrape some $ together to donate to Nathaniel:
- Saving money because you're 'couponing'?
- Sell something on Craigslist
- Forego going out to lunch for a week, or until Easter
- Reduce the size of your kids' Easter baskets, and show them Nathaniel.
- Getting a tax refund?
- Etc, the possibilities are endless.

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